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Smart services and technologies for better HR and payroll administration experiences. Remove all your troubles with smart systems and personalised service.

Integrata – Services and technologies for HR and payroll

What do you need?

Better service

Future HR and payroll administration.

A partner for growth

Growth partnership with personalised service.

Specialist help

Our specialists are your everyday heroes.

Support from technology

HR data and intelligent technologies to support HR and payroll administration.

Services for simpler HR and payroll administration


Carefree HR administration. Our specialists are your everyday heroes.


Technology-supported payroll as a service.


Personnel data and Integrata’s humane HR technology.

Working time

Efficient work time management. Smooth work shift planning.


Smart methods and tools. In your pocket and on your desk.

Integrata’s own technologies

HumHum HR

Integrata’s HR and payroll administration app and Analytics platform.


HR and payroll system integrations.


Software robots for HR and payroll administration.

Smart systems for HR and payroll administration

Mepco HRM

HR and payroll system – together or separately – for organisations of all sizes.


Easy-to-use HR system with flexible options for any need.


Anyone can manage working time, absences and holidays easily – and with automation.


Work time management and work shift planning in your pocket. When you require efficiency.

Visma Tiima

Data-driven work time management. When you need to know which work tasks have been performed. 

Visma M2

Expense management software that does not waste your time. When you want to minimise time spent on processing.


Makes processing of travel expenses productive and automates daily expense management.


Next-generation recruitment platform. Great solution for growth companies who are looking to have a head start on the competition.


AI-assisted recruiting platform. For a superior applicant experience.


Automation for human-centric growth companies. Eliminates redundant tasks.

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